Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sweet Home of Mine!

assalamualaikum..stay at home in almost 6 months give me a lot of awesome experiences..start from recieving A-Level results on January, taking driving test on February, work as a part time salesgirl at a minimarket...and interview and after this more and more interviews i guess..all this things actually making my life more colourful..tears and laughs do thier job at just a right time and place..after bad things transfigured,happy things came to make me smile again..this is what we called life..
Allah had decide everything for us to go through.. We know that anything happened to us is what we are able to bear. But why we still sad and crying day and night long..aren't we grateful?.. All we have now are certainly not mine but Allah's bounty to His lovers..all of us clear with this, but some forget..
Show our expression of gratitude to God by do what He ask and leave His prohibition. Start with rectifying your solat..because solat is the head of ibadah.. We can feel much more closer to Allah when we perform our solat in an open-heart. InsyaAllah.. We'll also become a better and better person from day to,becoming a strong-minded muslim muslimah.. aminn..

This previous few weeks, i have spent much of my while at home..i need to settle housework before 11 in the morning and usually i will serve lunch for my i am still fresh in this field (cooking), i can cook only simple-cooked food such as sambal, 'masak air', 'goreng kicap'..vegetables are the easiest food to cook..but i haven't learn how to cook food of coconut cream i really want to cook chicken curry but my mum in this last few days fonds of cooking early in the morning because she want to bring some food as supply so that she do not need to buy food during lunch..this is good for our family economy but not for me..i need to improve my cooking skill..hehe
To tell you the truth,i met someone that is also neighbour..she is beautiful and born in wealth family...she has so much advantages to be compared with me..she is competent in driving and the most important thing is she is really a good cooker..haha don't is my passion, i really do not influenced by her..haha but i was thinking, how can't she become so talented..i m not jealous ok!(still denying..hahaha..) Whatever it is, i want to improve myself in cooking as well as preparing myself to be a good wife..omg!.. To all young girls out matter wherever you are,in the country or overseas..just learn how to cook.. because i think it worth..hihi see you next time..assalamualaikum

after expert in cooking curry, i want to learn how to make sushi then..


=) said...

slm balqis........amboi lme x dengar dah boleh jadi tkng masak la..nnti jemput ler aku menikmati air tangan insan bergelar jessamine ni.....hehehehhe

ummu said...

oit qis lame tk dgr kabor,,
t jempot dtg jusco mlake lah ye,,
hahhahaahaa eh,kamu tknk buat shoutbox ke???? sng nk borak hohohoo

Little Caliph said...

how r u?
how's ur life now?
and many more how..
miss u!

muzika said...

salam Balqis...
OMG,now at last i met ur blog...
uhuk..hey watsup dear,it has been long time ago, i dindt hear you..ngaa..oke,follow ma blog k..