Tuesday, May 4, 2010


no call..no news from UIA.. Sandy said that UIA Kuantan was still discussing with UIA Gombak about our interviews last month.. I hope that UIA will give chance to all those who attended the interviews..it was only 11 of us..haha no need to complicate such a simple thing..you give us place, then we'll see..we will give you our best so that you won't regret selecting us in the first place.. that is my promise..not only for UIA but for myself, my beloved parents.. Others might think how desperate are this people..besides, some will show kind of sympathy and some will criticise.. Whatever it is, this kind of people who fall but strive their best to stand up again are the people that always success at the end..aminn..
i think, i had not given my best during the interview..lack of practise and weak English empowering reduce my confidence to win judges' hearts..the only hopes are prayers..

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