Tuesday, April 20, 2010


15th April was the date I went for an interview at International Islamic University Malaysia(IIUM) for Dentistry Course. For your information, before I had a call from IIUM, all that I knew was IIUM had rejecting my online application for don't know what reason. I was very grateful that IIUM actually had some problems with their computer system on that time.. But I worried because I have only few days to prepare for the interview. I just do a quick research and googled some infos about IIUM and Dentistry but unluckily, I failed to print it.
A day before the interview, I had a short practice session with my friend Sandy. She also chosen for the interview. I thought, it was a good idea since Sandy ia a competant English user but I don't know whether it works.. The one n half hours conversation was really important to me to gain strength and catch some tips from Sandy..
On the counted day, we ( my family and I) arrived IIUM safely. But my heart still 'lup-dup'ing vigorously. Proudly announced that I was the first candidate arrived at about 9.45a.m.. It was to early since the interview will be started at 11a.m.. My family and I waited in front of the meeting room,level 1, Kulliyyah of Dentistry which is the vanue of the interview. I was slightly regret because I haven't take any picture there. Do you think that I'll dare to do that when I was really scared?haha..
Umai was called to enter the meeting room.. I didn't know why I feel like I was the next. As what I expected, I was called after Umai.. There were four panels in the room. Two men as well as women. I tried to relax all my muscles but I worried it looked fake.hehe.. I sat straight to a men that looked like the Dean of Kulliyyah of Dentistry.. i did not know but I just think he is the dean..huhu..
I was asked to introduce myself at first. Then the dean asked me a killer question, " You are not so good for India,so, do you think that you're good enough for us?" I answered, "Yes." then I gave reasons why actually I did not make well in my A-level.. My English is not so fluent, and to be frank I a little bit worried because what I know, they will choose people mainly from their English speaking..mmm, but I hope that they can judge me based on other characteristics that will make me qualified. The last question from the dean was, " Do you good in art? " I just say yes because I have talent in drawing and decorating. For me,that are also part of art. Then, surprisingly, he asked me to wave ketupat..oh my god, I don't know how to wave ketupat.. he gave me two ribbons that were tiny, curly and silky.."You can go out first and come back with your ketupat..a nice one,okay?" hahaha..i just smile and seek help from my dad..outside the meeting room, I saw Umai was actually being help by others to create an origami of a bird. I went downstairs to find my dad but after few times trying, he failed to wave it..plus,wind was blowing strongly. it made the process to wave ketupat even harder..At last, Umai's mum willing to help..eventually, a cute little ketupat was formed.haha thanks to umai's mum for helping..after a few minutes, I was called again.. I handed on the ketupat and they were smiling to see such a cute ketupat..I admitted that it was not my hand-made, Umairah's mum made it for me..hehe..one of them said, "so, we should take Umairah's mum!" everyone was laughing..I quickly said that eventhough that, I helped her to adjust the ribbons and tightened the ketupat..then, they all just smiling at me..
The result will be annouced at the end of this month by calling the persons who success..person who unlucky will not being called and the official letter will be sent on June.
I hope that I will make it and what is more important that I can pursue my study to become someone one day.By the grace of Allah, I am still living peacely with so many poeple love and care about me.Thanks to ibu and ayah for being always by my side and share every happiness and sadness I endure. Sometimes, I think that I'm the most lucky person in this world.

These are some picture i took at Teluk Cempedak,Kuantan,Pahang..just stop by to have a lunch here..look at that air kelapa..they tasted great!huhu okay,see you again on the next post..



a d h a nn i said...

waahhh...nice one!!
rindu windu la che qis..tau result jgn lupe inform ek

cik qis said...

mestinye..insyaAllah..thanx for your support..

ummu said...

umu g bek,,hahah
qis,,nie link blog ak,,
add au,, hehe
eyt,, bile nk g mlake eyhh??

cik qis said...

hehe..aku dah follow..weh!tatau la weh..aku nak sgt2 p..tp duit tadak..dah la bru wat spect..xamek2 lg sbb xpat wit..t kalo da ade wit aku inform k!insyaAllah..

el naguib el ali said...

salam. cik qis.. segar dan smkin berisi ye! ahaha.. btw,blog walking.. keep in touch babe!~