Friday, April 16, 2010

after so long..

after so long,i didn't write anything in this blog,even open it..but recently,someone had reveal me the benefits of writing blog constantly and frequently..haha after that i realize that blogging can help me to improve myself in many aspects..

i can't explain why i was silent for quiet a long time..maybe i wanted to calm myself after i faced a really tough anticipation..and maybe because i don't have internet at home and need to go to cc is quiet a good reason,i suppose..but no matter how many maybe i outline,now i m back as a new jessamine..and i hope i can share my knowledge and experience in here..

i kept so many stories in this pass few month..and don't worry..tomorrow never die..for the nex post i want to tell about my experience having an interview in UIA Kuantan to go..


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