Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Know Him then Love Him


Where is He?

How do we know that Allah really exist thou we never see Him through our naked eyes? How to understand and realize that He really exists? Maybe these sorts of questions are familiar among all of my friends, but this entry is not more than a reminder to first and foremost my own self, and only then I might be able to disseminate it to others, biiznillah...:)

Get back to our main issue, the analogy is like when you see a car. Cars are very easy to find because in this era, these human inventions are becoming so important that everyone in this world feel that to own a car is a must. That is a different topic you would say but I was trying to tell you that this analogy is very common and surely, you can imagine it.:)

Car. When you see a car on the road heading to somewhere, without people telling you, you’ll know that this car is driven by someone so called human, or man. If I told you that the car is driven by nobody and it is just moving itself, would you believe me? You’ll say, “You weird!” or “Have u been slap by anyone today, you want to have some?” Haha. That’s the point. Everything in this world do has creators. Then how perfect creatures like human don’t? Good for us to figure out.

His attributes. Can I perceive them?

How to recognize Allah’s Attributes even we can’t see Him? Maybe we can’t see the creator directly but we can see Him thru His creations. It is similar to the car just now. Many of us don’t know who invent a car, right? All that we know, “My father bought that car and I just drive it la, buat ape susah-susah nak fikir!”, “This car is better la than that car, it is more expensive, I like expensive things kan, you know me!!hehe.” ( These situations are only examples, strictly speaking, they are not related to anybody alive or dead) But practically, we can see the result which is the car itself. By observing the creatures around us or even our own self, inshaAllah we will witness the attributes of Allah Azza wa Jalla.*wink*

* Sun is one of His greatest creation

Just see inside ourselves. We are such a complex creature. Every single cell in our body carries out their own function, not merely a simple function but the complex one. Some stay alive, and some of them die to allow the system remain balance so that a human can stay alive and growing up. This is called Homeostasis. The circulatory system also amazes us. The blood flows around our body through their own path. Who are responsible to monitor them? To ensure the systems are all in good condition? And also, who is to make it suddenly stop forever? Don’t we all think that there must be someone who is really knowledgeable and All-Knowing to make all things so perfect? Allah Al-Hakim, Al-Khabir.

*Cell is said as the basic unit of life

We can see how Allah gives life to His creatures and He’s the one to take back the life when the day comes. Every second we heard there are so many babies born in the hospitals but at the same time, there are so many people die due to vary reasons. I don’t really understand the people that believe in evolution theories, people evolve from one form to another. ‘At past time we are monkeys, and at present, we are human’. So what are we next? Elephant? ‘Where are we coming from? Nowhere. Where are we heading to? Nowhere’. ‘No creators’. ‘We are evolve through time’. These are all ridiculous.*emotional*

This reminds me of a story told by my naqibah ‘not-so’ long time ago. There are two men walking down a street. One of them is an atheist (A) and another is a muslim (M). After awhile, both of them saw a really large, charming, stunning house. It was so big and the design was unique. M told A that the house is made by itself.

“A, don’t you know, nobody made this house? The house formed itself. The bricks arranged themselves to their place, the cements pasted themselves on the wall and the paints and brush all did their work themselves.” M said with a serious look.

“Huh, you got to be kidding me! Are you crazy or something? It is impossible bricks, cements, paints and whatsoever non-living things could dance like that!”

“Why can’t you believe me? I thought you’ll think alike.”

“ Such a beautiful house must have engineers to design, and labours to complete it to become like one.” A argued.

“BINGO! What about human and this wonderful universe, don’t we have a creator too?”


I am too small to perceive everything about Him

But we can’t easily understand some of the attributes by only looking at the creations. Some of the attributes are too divine to be comprehend by us for instance, Al-A’laa, Al-Rahim, Al-Hasib.

“ Sedangkan mereka tidak mengetahui sesuatu pun dari (kandungan) ilmu Allah melainkan apa yang Allah kehendaki (memberitahu kepadanya).” (al-Baqarah:255)

*I can’t provide translation for this quranic ayah. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Even though that, we have the beloved prophet Muhammad SAW, that taught and told us about our Almighty God, Allah SWT. He became the person that linked us to our God and through him, now, we have chance to read and contemplate the Words of Allah. Alhamdulillah.:)

P/S: Selamat Menyambut Nuzul Quran to all Muslimin and Muslimat all over the world. May Allah protect the Quran from being mischief by the disbelievers and may He place the Quran in every of our heart so that we will never be astray. Aminn....

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